Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly

Molly had a great birthday and was spoiled by many!! The best birthday present in my opinion was Jon being home - she might now agree since she is still trying to figure out why the strange man whose pictures she stared at and videos she watched all year is not leaving. She has had some fun times with him - eating ice cream and cake but really doesn't want to be around him unless she can see me. We are working on that - the best is when Jon and I hug she screams and then crawls over to me and tries to save me from him (or just show him who gets my hugs and it is not him). So far it has been an easy adjustment having Jon home. We have gone to bed at 7pm the last two nights and I am so thankful that I just received a box of books from my aunt Terry. While Jon and Molly crash I am used to going to bed at 11pm and figure better to be in bed reading than downstairs by myself.
Molly eating her first birthday breakfast!
I attempted to make Monkey Bread which was a flop!! It is supposed to be caramely and gooey not dry with brown sugar crusted everywhere but luckily Jon and Molly aren't picky so they both ate it.
Then Jon got ready to go to work while Molly played on her moose rocker made by Grandaddy McPherson.
Once Jon got home we opened the presents that grandparents, great grandma's, aunts and uncles sent. It snowed over 8 inches yesterday and we decided after presents it was time for sledding!!So we drove over and had a family sled at Dyea. We played there for awhile and then headed home. Jon wasn't so sure about wearing Molly on his back while sledding down the hill but she loved it!! Molly and I have gone a few times and she really likes sledding.

Then we got her ready to eat her birthday cake - she miraculously pulled Jon toward the German chocolate cake while shopping.
Molly got to eat 2 birthday cupcakes while we skyped Jon's parents and mine.

It was a fun day and Molly can't wait for a birthday party with some others but Jon and I decided the first few days were family time only so we have been staying away from others!


N.Ward.Designs said...

Great Stuff!! Happy B-Day Molly!! Happy days at home Jon!!! Happy Ashley!!

walkers said...

so fun! love the pics. fyi, I have an AWESOME and easy monkey bread recipe if you want it let me know!

Connie Dunn said...

Happy birthday Molly. I'm sure it was a great day....way to go letting her eat 2 cupcakes. :0 Welcome home Jon! LOVE seeing you in the pics!

Mandy said...

I agree with Connie - it is great to see everyone in pics now! Welcome home and happy Happy Birthday!

Tressa said...

So good to see Jon reunited with the family!! What a perfect bday gift! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MOLLY!

BTW- that is an ADORABLE rocking moose!!

Tara said...

Happy birthday Molly!! Ashley I'm so happy for ya'll and that Jon is home! I know you are having the best of times! Blessings friend!!

Kaitlin Roten said...

awww I miss Jon's silly faces in photos.