Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

This weekend Molly and I went to witness some amazing athletics- very close to Olympic style competition. Her military cousin had a wrestling meet so went to watch - Uncle Brian Molly couldn't believe you used to wear those singlets!! Then we went a gymnastics meet where they compete against the equipment not each other - Uncle Brad Molly couldn't believe you would run around and do jumps on the floor.
And of course today is Valentine's day so Molly got dressed up for her first one. We also made a pan of brownies and ate them in honor of Jon knowing that in less than 2 weeks he should be home (I have got to see it to believe it but he keeps trying to get me to be optimistic about it)

Mason was a table person and Olivia got to be the noodle girl. With 10 seconds left she got behind the ref and would count down then hit him with the noodle for him to know time was up. She gave the ref a few good whacks!
Wyatt waiting with the 85lb weight group to wrestle.
Carrie getting ready to do her floor routine - she did a round-off back handspring - I was impressed since I can't even to a cartwheel
Funfetti brownies Molly and I ate (and shared with others)
Happy Valentine's Day

I caught her off guard so this is the only non-cheesy smile
Wait get my good side!!

We have been reading more these past few weeks and now Molly likes to get in her chair and pull up a good book to read. In this picture she is reading Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb by Dr. Seus - she is so good she can read upside down even!

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Mandy said...

One precious Valentine you have there! Praying for Jon's safe speedy return :)!