Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sewing - How Mrs. Frew saved the day

Since I don't have a machine yet I borrowed a neighbors to get some of Jon's sewing done today.
What is that - Ashley taking her time and measuring? While I tend to be an impatient person who hurriedly does things I did learn from Mrs. Frew that you MUST measure and pin down or else the sewing job will not turn out correctly.
The slow process of sewing 1 inch velcro squares onto 5 of Jon's uniforms so that he will be able to have his cross and rank on each uniform. There was a lot of turning but I did manage to get them all sewn on the first try!

That is one complete job - the little cross patch in my hand is what had to have a velcro partner in order to actually stick to the uniform. Jon has been wearing a pin on cross but you can't wear those downrange (fake and real war zones). Don't want anything shiny to catch the wrong persons eye!!
The complete pile - 5 uniforms and a name badge on a bag!

Some of you may wonder - how did Mrs. Few save the day? Well let me tell you. While in elementary school my school let out Monday's at noon - my mom worked until 3 (or 4) at preschool so she arranged for me to hang out with our neighbor Mrs. Few. While I would be at her house for a few hours each week she taught me how to sew. She is an amazing seamstress who sewed many of her own clothing, quilts and other random things. My mom has one of her quilts as a wall hanging. So each Monday she would patiently teach me how to measure, pin, measure, cut and sew things. This is one of those fun facts when people meet me they don't tend to believe - I usually get - You can sew???? (with a funny face) But yes in fact I can sew. In fact Molly will be benefiting from my lessons as a kid since I will be making some burp clothes and possibly some shoes (pictures as soon as those are made).


Beth Pritchard said...

Oh my gosh, good job! I don't have a sewing machine, probably should get one, but there is no way I would ever sew on Justin's patches due to the preciseness of it all. So good job to you!

Bert Burt said...

Ashley the sewing wizard. AK is bringing out many of your hidden talents! Great job and I know Mrs. Frew will be happy to learn you are putting those talents to good use.
Molly will be envy of the neighborhood with her customized burp clothes and shoes.

Amy said...

Ashley!!! It's Amy from Waco and MCH (back in 2004). I just saw a girl on tv that reminded me of you so I decided to google you and Jon, and lucky me I found your site. I didn't see an email address on here so I thought I'd say hi here. Congrats on the house and the baby. That's super exciting. email me. I'd love to hear from you.

Tressa said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Im inspired!
Like Bert said, AK is bringing out many of your hidden talents! WOW!!

Now....wheres that belly picture?