Friday, October 24, 2008

Lisa Sealey shout out!

So I had my first official tea as a military wife yesterday. Hospitality and food are not my strongest giftings but praise the Lord for friends. We have a lot of friends in Waco we were able to learn from for the past few years. So when I signed up for the tea the first thing I realized that meant was I was in charge of food - immediately I emailed Lisa knowing she would be able to give me some Octoberish recipes. She recommended spiced cider and pumpkin dump cake - which everyone loved by the way. Here are my pictures!

Spiced Cider

Pumpkin Dump Cake (the hit of the night)

My mom has laughed that I never actually cook things and test them before giving them to others. So far I have only had a few failures but not last night - they were both great!! Tonight I cook my first Thanksgiving dinner for Jon and his chaplain assistant (bodyguard - man who makes sure Jon comes back from the war alive!!) and once again I making my first chicken, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. I figure since they will both be in CA at war training the best thing to do is make sure they get one homemade Thanksgiving.


Bert Burt said...

"Hospitality Queen of AK" - your tea food items looked very nice and obviously must have tasted great based on the comments you received. Look forward to tasting Pumpkin Dump Cake when we come up in 2009.

taralous said...

Hey will you post the recipes for both the cider and cake?! YUM! I would love to make that for my bible study girls one night :)
Love the house. So cozy! And cute pumpkins ;)