Friday, October 24, 2008

New House

Pictures of our new house on post!

Do you see my decorative pumpkins near the door??

The wall of crosses in the entry way.
Jon thought it looked a little bare so I guess I will just have to find some more crosses!

Living Room- The white stuff outside the windows is snow!

The Study - Jon's work in progress

Dining Room - Walls are bare but we are going for the snow effect.

Kitchen- As you see I was actually cooking for my tea (see the post below for that one)

My favorite thing in the house - WALK IN PANTRY! It also is somewhat bare but since Jon will be leaving next week and I will be cooking for only myself no need to stock up too much!!

We have lived in the house for 72 hours now and love it! It is an 8 minute (very cold) walk for Jon to work. But that means we can share the car much easier now!!
We do have bedrooms upstairs - the guest room, our room and Molly's room (which only has clothes in it right now) and the wash room!!! But as you can tell I took the pictures while cooking so I didn't wander far from the kitchen.

Only in Alaska- As Jon and I walked into the library this morning he said "You know 35 degrees isn't that cold - 25 is cold. But I hear that in winter when we average 0 degrees if we get a day in the teens we will think that isn't to cold either." If you had told me 4 months ago that I wouldn't think 35 degrees was cold I would have called you crazy but now I would just have to agree that it is not!


Paige Head said...

The house looks great. Don't worry about the walls we have lived here almost 17 months and still have nothing hanging. I am glad things are closer now especially as you approach winter. Less you have to go the easier. Take care. Send us pics of the upstairs soon. I think 35 is cild by the way, but 92 not so hot anymore. Just goes to show you can get used to anything. Love you.

Bert Burt said...

Great pictures of your house! Looks like there is lots of room and easy access to view the snow.
Hopefully, Jon's 8-minute walk to work will be limited to when the temperature is above 0. It appears you are adjusting to the climate when you talk about 35 degrees not being cold.
Glad to see you are moved in and having people over.

Canderson said...

What a cute house! I love the built in nooks in the study. Fun! We sure do miss your smiling face around here. :)

Mandy said...

I love it! Especially teh window seats! I am so glad you can be a little more settled as you await Molly.

Tressa said...

What a lovely home! It seems so cozy. Stay warm!! I cant believe its already snowing! I will have to mail you a cross for you wall ;)