Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fall Fun and some sad goodbyes

The great thing about the military is that you can meet lots of people and go to many places you would never have dreamed of.  But the flip side of that is that you get to say goodbye to those places and people.  I have learned it is best to celebrate your friends while they are around and let them know how much you really loved getting to be apart of their lives.  We have hung out with Marcy and Jacob almost 3-6 times a week for the past year and were very sad to see them move so we celebrated them big time!!
Also earlier this year I felt like I should meet with some of the girls from Team Next that live close to me each week.  We do a short bible study and the girls get to lead worship and pray and help lead different parts each week.  It went from 10 to 17 girls and we are all learning lots.
This fall we also got to do hayrides and have fun with neighbors.  I love living in an area that has multiple seasons and enjoy celebrating them each with people in our life. 

BUNCO Babes took on the ExcapeGames here and got out with 5 seconds to spare!!

Girls Group  - climbing out of jail!

Picnic dinners in the perfect weather

We will miss you party - nerf war!!

We took Granny and BertBurt to the Excape room and got out with 1 second

BertBurt and Granny going to his 50th high school reunion.
In this picture he has 5 broken ribs after falling down the slide on our stairs

Butterfly festival 

Releasing the butterflies 

Cow Train

Matchy Matchy 

Family Photo on the tractor

12 kids and 6 adults - we all made it out together

Pumpkin ride

The manly pumpkin car

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Fun day with friends

We survived!! 

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