Monday, July 21, 2014


I have had a goal to see 6 of the 7 continents by the time I was 35.  Well that day is quickly approaching and I was stuck at 4 for a long time and now Jon and I have gone to our 5th!!  My goal has been pushed back to just get to 6 by 40 now.   With the typhoon that came through we were both getting nervous that we would not be making it to this continent at all.  We took a leap of faith and went to the airport after calling and letting them know we were locked in our house but would come to the airport as we were allowed.  On one phone call Jon was told we would be put on standby for the latest flight and up until we had ticket in our hand we weren't sure if we would be leaving.  After getting on our first flight we noticed we only had a one hour layover before our next flight in Taipei.  We with delays and other factors we landed 5o minutes late - cutting our transfer time down to 10 minutes.  Once they opened the doors we sprinted through the airport - a little confusion and backtracking we made it to our flight with minutes to spare.  We made it to Australia and were greeted by a friendly face. 
What did we do while in Australia?? Well the real question is what did we not do in the Sydney area.  After doing some research on the internet, blogs and books we decided to just focus on the Sydney area and try and enjoy all we could there.  We did a tour of the Opera House, did a bridge climb, went to all the touristy things, and then went to the mountains a few hours away.   The Blue Mountains were probably one of our parts.  It was quiet, beautiful and did have a few fun things and the best food ever!! 
The only request Jon had was for us to visit the original Hillsong church.  We made it there and enjoyed worship with a lot of people to love Jesus!! 
Sydney Opera House

ANZAC memorial.
One of the best war memorials

Chinese Garden in downtown

Touring - see that bridge behind us?  We climbed it!

A chair someone famous sat on

On a tour to see Bondi Beach

The Beach!

Super cold water


At the zoo Steve Irwin used to work at

Pretty awesome view while walking around

The Blue Mountains

The famous rock formation is called 3 sisters

Looking at the 3 sisters

Hiking and having fun

Bike rental - next time go to with the hybrid (which means gears)
We walked them up a bunch of hills to see the top of the town

We were the only people with bike cruisers in the mountain area.
I think we should have stayed closer to the boardwalk - oh well. 

Getting our adult onesies on to climb the bridge!!

Australia was a convict nation to start out.
Here is where at least 50,000 of them slept as they came through

Oz Jet boating - did this because it was part of our package.
Riding a speed boat and getting soaking wet in the winter was not to smart!! 
One of us enjoyed it more than the other.

This was at the elevator - we saw it daily and it was so true.

Wax museum - again only did it b/c it was part of our tour package

12 hours in Taipei

went on the free tour that was offered by the airport

Street vendor food

its not winter anymore

Got a haircut at the airport.
Mainly so I could get my hair washed after 48 hours of traveling

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