Saturday, August 9, 2014


VBS was not what we planned earlier this year.  The army decided our chapel not longer is allowed to support families and will not allow us to work with children.  That means on Sunday mornings we no longer have a nursery or childrens church and we can not hold our ladies bible study at the chapel and to top it off wouldn't allow us to run VBS this year.  However I have always loved VBS and as soon as I found this out I went asking the Air Force chapel if we could be part of the VBS they were running.  I said I was willing to do anything and got to do crafts - in the past 5 years I have got to hold a lot of different jobs. 
The VBS we did was Gangway to Galilee.  It was about the story of Jesus calling is disciples, walking on water and the salvation story.  Molly loved it, Riley got sick and Kelly enjoyed most of the week. 
Pre VBS Bible on the Ipad

The preschool class

She stayed in class!

had 204 kids register - so fun to see so many kids hear the Gospel


So excited to sing and jump with the big kids

It was tiring for one

Left early with a fever and had friends cover me in crafts

Came downstairs yelling - I pretty I pretty

Crafting at its finest

They loved their class

Going out to game time

Baby C was tired!

The girls artwork

Showing off their SOS signs

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