Monday, July 21, 2014

Typhoon Neoguri

Between Disney and Australia we weathered a typhoon.  Most typhoons lock us down around 24 hours - this one was 48 hours.  We were not so sure Jon and I would be making our flight to Australia as we anxiously watched the timeline and noticed the Japanese were still flying while the good old US Govt would not allow us to leave our house.  Many hours of debating if we were going to go on the trip of a lifetime the best answer we could get from the travel agency is we could chance it and not go at all or cancel and get 1/2 our money back.  Being the risk takers we are we decided to go for it - between time off at work and arranging a nanny for the girls we knew things would probably never work out again for this trip.  We made it - more posts on that to follow.
What do 2 parents who really want to go on a crazy anniversary trip do while on lock down with a typhoon???  As many crazy things as we can to create memories with our kids.  We built stuff, colored things, played games, watched the storm and had slumber parties!
Stepping out one last time before being locked in the house for 2 days

Yes they all share a room but something about new things make life fun!

Drive in Movie

Tea Party 1 of 4

doesn't look too bad - hard to be locked in when looking out at this

Played yhatzee as a family

Here was our clean up efforts

We got tickets to leave the island!!!!!!!
Even after missing our flight and not being sure how nice the ticket people would be

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