Thursday, January 24, 2013

Popcorn brings perspective

So today has been one of those days where I could find something negative in just about anything.  The girls got up to early, Kelly climbed in the shower with me, we had to run by Jon's work to give him money (which I don't like to share), the children's museum was hot, the girls naps were too short, Jon didn't wipe down the table when he did the dishes last night, etc.   But for snack this afternoon the girls wanted popcorn and I love cooking popcorn in my whirly pop which my granny Head gave me and it reminds me of the awesome popcorn she would make most nights when we spent the summers with her.  So I was able to figure out the good in life.
Girls up to early = more time together
Kelly climbed in the shower = she is mobile and wasn't crying when not being held
Giving Jon money = he was trying to bless me by not making sew some crazy patches on his backpack which is very hard with my machine
Children's Museum = we got to play, the girls got along and I connected with another mom for over an hour
Naps were too short = they will be going to bed early tonight?
Table not wiped = Jon did the dishes and he really helps around the house
A little oreo always makes waiting for popcorn so much easier

the girls making their dolls nap

We hear it popping and want it now!!


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