Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love these days

Seriously I think I spend at least an hour everyday laughing at/with the girls.  They are three happy go lucky girls who are very different. 
Molly can throw her hip out and start this sway thing while talking to you that makes it hard to keep a straight face.  She now knows when I am about to bust out a smile and possibly a laugh because she will start to shake her hip faster and get this grin on her face and completely forget what she is talking about until I laugh with her.  I am so thankful for her sense of humor and general joy for life.  When left alone you can hear her singing Go Tell it on the Mountain and Joy to the World but she doesn't always get the words right.  If you ever hear her you will know she is our child because clearly singing is not her forte but that won't stop her from belting out a tune!  I also get a laugh out of her outfits - she has an opinion and wow her sense of fashion is BOLD.  Watching her explain how things match and go together can be a treat and at times it is hard to argue with her logic.
Riley will throw down her head and charge at you then jump all out into your lap - whether you are ready or not:)  She has the biggest grin and is actually starting to say more words but as of now we think she would make a good umpire as she gives the exaggerated NNNNOOO like YOURRRR OUT.  Riley dives into things head first - like the tub last night fully dressed while we were filling it up and will just look up and smile with adventure written all over her face.  We call her smiley Riley because the second the wakes up until the second her head hits the pillow there is almost always a smile on her face - even when she is mad at you!
Kelly, well her teeth are helping in the the enjoyment factor.  When she smiles she has her two fangs in and nothing else so you always do a double take and then start to giggle because let's be honest it is kinda funny looking.  She loves to open her mouth and say argggh to you and if you copy her she will go on for a good 10 minutes - smiling in between a full mouth arggh.  Hard to keep a straight face but so fun to watch her.  She also loves to give ladies kisses - she will grab your hair and pull you in and throw an open mouth kiss on whatever she can get.  If she is being held she is happy anywhere else you are taking your chances for a few tears. 

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