Thursday, March 2, 2017

RV Trip to the Front Yard

For our second birthday trip we got an RV and parked it in the front yard and let Riley have multiple slumber parties!  We asked a few friends over to sing happy birthday to the girls and eat some cupcakes to celebrate them.  It was a fun weekend with lots of hanging out in the RV and playing with friends.

Saw some cherry blossom trees on my drive.
Reminded me of the festivals we would go to in Oki

Cherry Blossom Trees will always remind me of our time in Oki

Trampoline time with friends!

Shopkins cupcakes to celebrate with friends

RV trip to the yard - love our creative child

Bubble gum blowing contest

Camping in the RV

Kids only in the RV!

Morning pancakes with everyone's letter

Molly's actual birthday was during this weekend so she picked a lunch
Japanese Hibachi

You can take the kids out of Japan but she still loves her chopsticks

Edamame - a family favorite!

Birthday slide from our neighbors!

Freezing in the trailer for an all girl night

Lunch with my crew!


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