Monday, September 12, 2016

Granny and BertBurt and Ball #1

Our first unit ball was the same weekend as the Balthrop family reunion so we convinced Granny and BertBurt to come in a little early and babysit for us!!  It was a more low key visit so we didn't drag them all over town - just to a few places we wanted to try out.  We got to go to the zoo, eat lunch with family, go to the family reunion, swim, eat ice cream and just hang out. 

Riding the Austin Peay train at the mall

The first military ball for our unit

Not the same when you have only been in the unit for a week - not too many friends to talk to


Shopping at the antique malls in town


Everyone in the pool

Sonic treats!

with extra adults we pulled out the paints to paint pictures for the bathroom

Everyone did a great job

And not too many messes

Monnell's - family style southern cooking!!

First trip to the Nashville Zoo - we really like it

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