Monday, September 19, 2016

First Day of school

This year all the girls are in the same school and it is fun to hear them talk about getting to see each other in the hall.  The school is really close but there are no good sidewalks so after torturing them the first 2 weeks of school by making them walk I was convinced by the girls and some neighbors to allow them to ride the bus.  Each girl has an amazing teacher and since I am a month late posting this I know this for sure!

Jon got to carry all the supplies to meet the teacher night

We fell off our scooter earlier in the week and jammed our finger the day before school but were super happy to be in the Bee class because PaPa has bees!!

4 kids from our neighborhood are in her class and she loves seeing her park buddies everyday!

1/2 day pre-k!! And her class has a gerbel

It was a memorable first day of kinder!
Scraps and bruises and a splint and we walked through the grass and got super wet

Her teacher is amazing and very encouraging and is a perfect fit for this one!
She calls her the class encourager because she always wants everyone to do their best

Loves being in school with her sisters and being a big girl

Sisterly Love

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