Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some of my favorite things

This post is about some of my favorite things in life right now.
Last year a friend asked me to join her on her Saturday morning workouts and I hesitated a few weeks then decided why not try it.  Since then I have been hooked and love getting up and hanging out with the Saturday Morning Workout Nerds.  The great thing about small people is they don't know if its a school day or weekend so we are up at 6:30 everyday anyway so I don't even have to set an alarm.

AWANA - Again a few years ago a friend asked me to join her Sparks team and I got hooked.  I have been hanging out with Sparks (k-2) for the past 4 years.  The crazy thing is this year our oldest is now a Spark - WHAT??  These kids are awesome and so much fun to hang out with and learn scripture with. 

My Family - Jon and I are finding that each of the girls have something that brings joy to our life.  Molly was upset for a few days about running club until we got to the bottom of it - she just wanted to wear a dress.  Riley is constantly smiling and making random faces and her new thing is to  pick her nose look at you and say "I picked my nose and am going to put it on my butt" then belly laugh.  Kelly's favorite thing is to go to the bathroom not only to get our full attention but because it means she can wash her hands which she does probably about 3 hours every day.

Sat mornings - before Saturday Morning Workout Nerds unite!

Hanging out with the nerds.

Now its not the only day I workout even:)

A friend with knowledge who shares her skills - AWESOME!!


The 3 amigos

Loves running but mainly in a dress

The joy that these moments bring Jon and I as we sit and laugh at the things in our life

Getting to experience other cultures with my family!

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You exuberate joy friend!