Thursday, October 9, 2014

School Fall Festival

Molly's school had a fall festival today and the girls had a blast.  We had pizza and played games and ate tons of candy.  Since this was one of our first school festivals I had no idea what to expect but had each of the girls bring a purse to stash their chips and goodies in.  This was a great idea because they were all responsible for their own treasures.  The girls played all the games and ate most of their goodies before we even left the school.  Each of the girls got to have their face painted and they were so excited about this.  The art club kids who were probably in 2nd grade were the painters and each girl got a beautiful butterfly.  The best goodie we came home with was sticky hands.  The girls threw those at the wall for an hour after we got home and then they had Jon & I throw them. 
All in all it was a fun night and well put together event.
Getting ready for face painting

Blue Butterfly

Waiting for her butterfly

She had a hard time sitting still but she did

But couldn't stay still for the picture

She loved hers

And she loved hers

She asked to go to another game while I waited with her sisters

Eating candy

Getting ready to play another game

Molly and one of her best friends Aya playing with their sticky hands.

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