Saturday, February 9, 2013

Walmart Adventure

Last night we took family adventure to Walmart.  Jon came up with a list of things we had to accomplish in order to get ice cream at Sweet Frog.  Molly was excited and invited her friend Mikeala to join us.  They all screamed and laughed on the drive to Walmart.  It was so fun to watch and be apart of. 
Measuring how long we were together.
After this M asked if all people do this and we said only silly ones:)
Books describing our days after we both lost it with someone during the day

Fish Face

Light saber war fighting off the germs

McVengers +1

4 in the cart and 2 hanging on = 6

Sweet Frog celebration!!



Mandy said...

Y'all are awesome and absolutely so much fun!!! I love it!

Glo said...

I bet you'll make all kinds of fun in Japan. Big fun! M will want to come with you, of course!