Friday, February 1, 2013

Driving the Truck

Tonight Jon left the truck out of the garage because a few toys were in the way.  After dinner when it was time to pull it in for the night the big two wanted to join Jon.  He was convinced it wouldn't be much fun and was going to try and do it without them but they grabbed shoes and joined him.  Being the best dad every he backed out with them driving in his lap and did a circle around the cul-da-sac then pulled in the garage.  From the screams of delight you would think they were given the world tonight.  Coming in the house they were smiles from ear to ear and each had a story of the awesome adventure, Riley's was more of just screaming and smiling since words aren't her thing just yet.

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Shaun Stille said...

That was sweet! You must be proud to have kids who are showing early interest in driving, and not just any vehicle, but a truck! Wow! I bet they’ll grow up to be very good drivers.

Shaun Stille