Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorating

The pictures are in reverse order but at least there are some this time.
For Thanksgiving we spent the day at our friends the Morkens who had some other Army family come for the party.  We had lots of food, kids running around and laughs throughout the day.  Will gave driving lessons to the girls in his awesome power wheel and even let Kelly take it for a spin.   The adults started playing catch phrase and lost track of time until Riley started wondering in the game eating a roll and looking like she was sleep walk eating which was followed by Molly asking to go home so she could sleep.  So at 9pm we packed things up and headed home after a great day of being thankful for the friends God has given us along with a nice relaxing family morning. 
Black Friday we went on a family hike on the Cape Fear River Trail where the girls walked 1 of the 4 miles and we learned a lesson in patience!!  Then we got to go on a double date with some of our friends who Molly call her aunt and uncle and enjoy some adult conversation and more laughs.
Today Jon graciously pulled out the Christmas decorations and we got them up.  Then he took the big girls to the movies so I could work on our family tradition of PJ's which I got finished for the entire family.  They may not be professionally done but $15 for the set of 5 is ok by me! 
And this year Douglas Fir the motion detector Christmas tree my mom got for me my freshman year of college is being loved by the girls.  For some reason the girls in my dorm did not appreciate him in all his singing glory especially at 2am when people would walk by my door and set him off.  But for the 30 minutes he is allowed to be plugged in there are 2 little people in this house that can't get enough of him and a third who isn't exactly sure what she thinks of him yet:) 
We have one more day of being all together and then Jon will be leaving for pre-ranger school.  You can pray that he makes it through the 16 days injury free and with a passing grade!
2012 Christmas PJ's
All the decorations up and stockings hung

The girls loving Douglas Fir the singing tree

Our elf on the shelf from great grandma Rumbaugh,
Molly gave it notes and presents to send home tonight.
 I guess she is learning to think of others a little

Kelly says hi in Cheerio bling

My Turkey Veggie Tray - thank you pinterest

Kelly getting some driving lessons from big sister

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