Saturday, November 17, 2012

November update

Well it has been a month since the last entry so it is about time to update.  However due to my lack to technical ability I can't seem to get pictures easily off my phone so instead it will be and update with no pictures - not my normal MO:) 

My parents came to visit and I threw out the idea of going to a conference with Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) the bible study I go to with ladies on post and my dad had some days off to use so they said they would go with me.  So a few weeks later we packed up the car and headed to TN.  Riley and Kelly got to meet my Grandaddy Head who is called Grandaddy Will by the great-grand kids.  They also got to meet all their second cousins from that side of the family while hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle and parents during the day.  During the nights I had Kelly and during the day all the girls hung out with my parents meeting most of the TN family.  At the PWOC conference I got to see ladies who love Jesus and move anywhere the Army (AKA God) calls them to.  I saw a lot of friends from AK who now live all over the place.  There is something special about our time in AK while our husbands were deployed and we all helped each other remember to go to God during those lonely times.  I loved getting to see them and catch up with them and get updates on life.  We had breakout sessions that I really enjoyed and am hoping to implement some of the things I learned. 

On the drive home we had a unique bonding experience as we became close and personal with an 18-wheeler and the van was totaled.  My parents were great and so were the girls.  It took a few hours to get things sorted out and get a rental car but we finished the trek home - all a little shaken up but in one piece.  My parents stayed a few extra days to help gets things sorted with insurance and the rental agencies.

We were by ourselves less than 24 hours before we had more help in the form of the Lewis family moving in while they transitioned to Ft. Bragg.  What a blessing to have friends with teenagers who we would leave all the girls with while we went van shopping and then on a lunch date so we left them with the kids from 9am - 3pm.  We played games at night (I won Farkel if you were wondering) and the girls played all day with Wyatt and Olivia.  Our neighbor boy was so happy to have kids to play football and basketball with that were not little girls.

We had 2 Strong Bond events, last week was a family one and this week is single soldiers.  At the family event Jon did Dave Ramsey since we saw the power of living a simple life when dealing with insurance since our car was paid off.  At my table of 4 couples only one had been married more than 3 months - talk about a great time to have a conversation about finances.  He followed it up with the 5 love languages so that couples could learn some practical ways to love each other.  One girls request for the love language of gifts was a wedding ring - let's hope her husband got the hint and makes Christmas special for her this year.  Now he is in DC with single soldiers and he usually teaches them about character and talks about what kind of legacy they want to leave. 

Well that about sums up the last month in a nutshell.  Hope I am on more this month!

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Mandy said...

sounds like a packed but very blessed month! reading about you seeing old friends from AK made me tear up thinking about how much it meant to you - I am so glad you got to be refreshed friend! And WOW I am so thankful you all are okay after your wreck!