Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riley's 1!

Riley turned 1 and we have been fun prolonging the celebration! We have opened presents from grandparents and great grandparents and have special desserts many times. The plan this year is to have a co-party for both girls and it will happen but I just don't know when. I figure by the end of April we will have had the party between my 20 doctor appointments for Kelly and it will be awesome:) One fun thing for Riley is that for a week now she has not worn one hand me down or old outfit since she got lots of new clothes and each day she is getting to wear of her new outfits which is probably the first time in her life.Her hair is finally long enough for very small pigtails but it gives me twice the amount of options in hair styles!
Molly really likes matching now days so she wants her hair to match Riley and their outfits to match in some way be it color or picture on the front. I can't wait until I have 2 girls with opinions on their outfits that should be fun.
Riley got to go for a joy ride on her birthday! Jon was in the field training overnight and Molly went with the neighbors to her dance so Riley and I got 2 whole hours of one on one time and it was a nice present (at least for me). Riley loved not having to share with her sister or watch her back for the helper to come out of nowhere.

Happy Birthday world!!

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