Monday, March 19, 2012

Flat Stanley and Strong Bonds

This past week we have had the privilege of having Flat Stanley come to visit. Since Jon had a retreat planned we took him to Myrtle Beach with us and he had a blast! Friday afternoon after a morning of intense cleaning (or picking up and organizing maybe a better term) and ignoring the girls I picked up Jon and headed to the beach. Jon was able to put on a marriage retreat for the soldiers of 5-73 and this time he covered the material for 7 habits of highly families - military edition. 28 families came and it was an interesting weekend to say the least. Friday night he kicked things off with the newly wed game and the winning couple received a bottle of sparkling cider and Lindt chocolates - prizes on a budget:) After that Jon had a couple who has been doing the military for 16 years as enlisted and officers and who love the Lord get up and share how they have been able to make their marriage work in the midst of an environment where 75% of couples get a divorce. It is always nice to see people who make it through hard times and don't give up and are willing to share their experience with others. To end our night Friday we took the girls to the beach at 9:30 since we weren't able to get down earlier because of checking others in and getting stuff set up for the weekend.
Saturday we got more classroom time with Jon giving everyone his vast knowledge and bringing fun to a group of soldiers with games. The material was really great and I highly recommend looking up Steven Covey he has the 7 habits of almost anything - people, families, companies, etc. The main point he really gets across is being proactive and having a goal to aim at. Saturday afternoon was beach time and Saturday night was date night! Jon has been able to work in getting childcare most Saturday nights of his retreats so couples can get a date night and either have some fun or process the material we have been learning. We went on a double date and had fun at Medieval Times (Flat Stanley did get to join us but he wasn't too loud). I think the most entertaining part of the night was Jon and Eric yelling likes maniacs at our knight and occasionally giving military advice on how to fight or ride the horse (I guess being in the Calvary has gotten to his head even though he doesn't ride a horse he has earned his spurs:) ) After that we hit the boardwalk and got ice cream and ran into some other couples from the retreat and just talked and had a good time.
Sunday morning was oh so joyous with both girls waking up in tears - too much fun but we pushed through! Jon taught a few more hours and while he loaded up the car I got lunch for us so we could give Molly a couple more hours at the pool and beach before heading home. The trip home was very quiet at both girls slept and well after about 1 hour I dozed the rest of the drive too.
I love getting to go with Jon on these retreats to meet the other families in our unit and get some family time here and there when he isn't running around. Making memories as a family is so fun!
Getting things set up - notice Molly's buzz lightyear phone she is always such a great helper. She does like to help pass out the candy to each table but I think that is because she sneaks a few pieces.
Minute to Win it games - you can get people to do most anything for a gift card!
More games!
The newly wed game - 1 team from each troop
King and Queen McP with our only son we will ever have Flat Stanley
Eating with our bare hands - yum
Flat Stanley buried in the sand
Family photo on our way back to the room after a long Saturday - Molly was screaming she was not tired but fell right to sleep after a quick bath to get the sand off. Riley barely made it through bath time awake but she did and was asleep before her diaper was put on. The ocean air, sand and water wore them out!


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Happy family .........

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