Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riley is 4 months

Today we went for Riley's 4 month check up and shots.
She is growing much faster than her sister did but she in no longer is the 90% for head, weight and length - she is slowing down a little and is 30% head, 50% weight and 60% length. She sits in her bumbo and jumper and basically goes anywhere we drag her. Molly is able to make her smile a lot and cry only occasionally and they have even had a few baths together. The girls both enjoyed the 4th of July on post and the two parties we went to on the Sunday before with lots of boom boom as Molly called it.
Riley enjoying a bath with her sister. Since we have stopped Molly from water boarding her they have both enjoyed time together more.
Happy 4th of July - Riley loves to grin especially at her daddy!
The girls ready to go hear some boom boom and eat funnel cake.
Riley even gets to join us at the kitchen table now - no longer is she relegated to the rocker on the floor. She isn't eating food but really likes the view from the top.
Molly loves have her eye level also.
But meal times can drag on when you are waiting for a 2 year old to finish up so Riley decided to rest her eyes for a few minutes. She looks just like her BertBurt on a Sunday morning when he is absorbing all the preacher has to say - except the whole no clothes thing.

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