Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Times!

Well the camera is no where to be found but I have a few minutes so the blog will be picture less. Since the last blog Molly has gone and stayed with the McPherson's for a week and was thoroughly spoiled by Grandmommy, Papa, Aunt Jenny and Lucky. From skype and phone chats it was clear to see she loved every minute of it. We are so thankful to have parents who love our kids and that we live close enough that even if we can't visit for long periods of time they can still hangout with the girls. Maybe next year Riley can join in - but Jon and I did enjoy getting one on one time with her so maybe alternating so everyone gets some extra special attention.
Jon put on another Strong Bonds event this time at the Great Wolf Lodge - which is an amazing location - and taught Mark Gungor's Laugh your way to a better Marriage. We did some minute to win it games, watched some Tim Hawkins and got a lot of good conversations with other families in the unit. Also we used the babysitters for date night and got to go on all the rides at the water park and have a nice dinner. Jon does a great job on the retreats I think but others must be starting to think the same b/c his last 2 retreats have filled up within 5 hours of getting word out. I love that Jon's job lets him do so many different things and that this one has nothing to do with death and destruction but building stronger families to make it through military life. I know he can't wait to have an actual weekend where he is not working but at least we can tag along for the break times!
This week and next week we are getting to host 2 youth groups coming to share all over Fort Bragg. They work with an organization called CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) and their mission is to share Jesus with kids! There have been a few kids who accepted Jesus as their Savior from the 5-day club (backyard bible clubs). This week we have 8 and next week 12 youth living with us. We felt bad for the club this week since our A/C broke for 2 days so the house was anywhere from 78-93 but they decided to stick it out here. We pulled out the baby pools - borrowed some from neighbors and all just played outside in the water until bed time. The youth have been fun to get to know and Jon and I are grateful that we get to host people doing a mission trip since we have been on the receiving end so many times. The girls love playing with Molly and Riley and the boys love talking X-box with Jon when he is around.
PWOC - this year I get to serve as the Newcomer Chair at my bible study. So far in our 2 summer sessions we have had over 30 ladies who are either new to the study or Fort Bragg. It is awesome to get to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people and try and connect them with others. I love seeing new people get plugged in and meet others who love the Lord.
Hopefully to next post will have a picture or two!

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