Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Short Alaska Update

So it is the first day with direct SUNLIGHT!!! I am about to go outside and just sit at one of the many parks on base. We have seen moose already but didn't have our camera. So far things have been ok - but with the sun out today Jon and I are sure today will be great!!! We are going geocaching tonight and will update pictures tomorrow!!
In case anyone is wondering it really doesn't get dark - last night we had dinner at Jon's supervisors (Chaplain and Tina Lewis) and boy was it great food - much better than what we can make in the microwave and we stayed there until 11:30 not realizing how late because the sun was shinning the entire time - it was dusk like by the time we started walking back - but really 11:30 and only dusk like - CRAZY!
I will post more later.


Tressa said...

Thats unbelievable!! I googled your location for the girls to see. She used the satellite and it looks SOOO beautiful where you are! God HAS indeed blessed you with His best!!

HappyNomads said...

You made it! can't wait to see pics:)

Bert Burt said...

Ash I hear you are housesitting - what a sweet deal for everyone! Glad you have seen moose look forward to actual pictures of moose plus other creatures you see in Alaska during this period of extended daylight. Another geocaching state for you way to go! Glad thing seem to be doing better. Will check out your future blogs for those exciting photos of wildlife.