Friday, August 15, 2008

Pizza and Coffee

In Waco we had an abundance of Tex-Mex - well in Alaska there is a pizza shop and coffee shop on every corner is seems. Since Jon and I aren't much into coffee we have been hitting up the pizza shops. We have had Thai chicken, Taco and plain pizza - in only 2 weeks. We have gone to 1 coffee shop - Jitters - it was nice I got a bagel and hot chocolate which were really good!! Oh yeah - one other thing we have a ton of - alcohol - no wonder so many questions on the driving test were about drunk driving. Did you know in Alaska it is worse to drive drunk than to hit someone with your car (unless you are drunk when you hit them). This was one of those questions that I thought I would get right on the driving test but it was contrary common knowledge.
Pictures of the decorated house to come! Most rooms are put together just the rearrange to get things in the correct spots to be done.

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Bert Burt said...

Pizza and coffee shops what a great combination. Sounds like some interesting varieties of pizza are available. Will be sure to watch out for drinking drivers when we visit. Hope all is going well in getting your rooms fixed up. Have a great weekend.