Monday, May 19, 2008


We got our first military assignment - Alaska.
We will be there in 10 short weeks!!!


Loraine said...

Haha... I was excited to check out your page...I was anticipating this long blog about all your reactions, thoughts and feelings in response to Alaska. But no, it is two sentences. Sweet and to the point, nuthin wrong with that! :c)

But I do I look forward to reading about your adventures to come!

Loraine said...

Yeah, I have no idea why my post is saying I'm "Loraine." My real name is Lisa. You'll have to guess which one!

Bert Burt said...

Where are the pictures of two very excited people as they prepare to experience life in the great wilderness? Look forward to future picture showing the results of your latest hunting, fishing, skiing, or whale watching adventures. Soon blogging will be a main avenue for communicating.

Paige Head said...

Welcom to the blogging world. I am excited about having two people to visit in Alaska. My friend Nikki moved their in April. She lives in Seward. Jon will have to buy some thermals for running. Congrats.