Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventure of a Lifetime

Jon and I are going on the Advenutre of a Lifetime this memorial day weekend. We have our bags packed and ready to go!! Tonight we leave to go on a 26.8 mile hike through Arkansas. Jon has gone on this hike once before with all the guys in our lifegroup and they had many fun stories to share afterward. We are going with our friends John and Sarah Miller. The 4 of us will be spending many hours hiking, pumping water, eating and laughing. So you may wonder what would 4 people pack to eat on for 3 days who don't want to pack a stove - well the military has these amazing things called MRE (meals ready to eat) that are light and bear/raccoon proof. So we will be consuming MRE's as our big meal each night and will be feasting on gorp, nutra grain bars, and granola the other times. I am very excited to go on this trip and can't wait to share all the photo's of our 3 days!!! I am including a picture of a MRE for those of you that have never had the privilege of seeing one.


Tressa said...

Those look really cool. Are they good?
I hope you guys have a GREAT time hiking! Sure does sound like lots of fun and I look forward to seeing some photos!

Bert Burt said...

Hope all goes well on your great adventure. Hopefully the MREs will be tasty and will not attract wild creatures that sampled Jon's food the last time. Look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories.

taralous said...

Hey Mcps! Glad to see your blog! I can't believe your hiking trip! You inspire me! :) Have a blast and those MRE's look yummy! hehe Congrats about Alaska. Chris so wishes he could live there....hehehe