Thursday, March 2, 2017

RV Trip to the Front Yard

For our second birthday trip we got an RV and parked it in the front yard and let Riley have multiple slumber parties!  We asked a few friends over to sing happy birthday to the girls and eat some cupcakes to celebrate them.  It was a fun weekend with lots of hanging out in the RV and playing with friends.

Saw some cherry blossom trees on my drive.
Reminded me of the festivals we would go to in Oki

Cherry Blossom Trees will always remind me of our time in Oki

Trampoline time with friends!

Shopkins cupcakes to celebrate with friends

RV trip to the yard - love our creative child

Bubble gum blowing contest

Camping in the RV

Kids only in the RV!

Morning pancakes with everyone's letter

Molly's actual birthday was during this weekend so she picked a lunch
Japanese Hibachi

You can take the kids out of Japan but she still loves her chopsticks

Edamame - a family favorite!

Birthday slide from our neighbors!

Freezing in the trailer for an all girl night

Lunch with my crew!

St. Louis Trip

We took a trip to St. Louis!  It was so fun and a great place for families.  While there we walked through the art museum - ok we used the parking garage but we had to go into the lobby so we did see some of the art.  St. Louis was a half way meeting point for some friends and we spent the weekend exploring that area together.  We met up with Chung's at the zoo (which was free!!) and spent the afternoon walking around talking and looking at the animals.  Jay had done some research at had a bunch of food places we needed to try out.  That night we went to SugarFire and Ted Drewes and they were both amazing.  The next morning we loaded up and headed to the Gateway Arch.  It was really foggy when we showed up but it cleared up by the time we were leaving.  After that we headed over to City Museum which was so fun - if you are anywhere near you should go!! While I wasn't able to do much in the museum it was so fun to watch the girls enjoy themselves.  It would have been great for older kids too!
Our last day together we hit up the St. Louis Adventure Science Center (which is also free!) for a morning of fun before we headed to SeoulTaco to fill up before heading out. 
This year we asked the girls if we could plan a trip for their birthdays - this was Molly's birthday trip.

Art Museum

Reunited with friends

Me and Moon

The guys

Most of the kids

Kelly knows who to sweet talk for piggy back rides

Gateway Arch

No so great selfie

It was under construction so we didn't get to go to the top and it was foggy when we got there


Rock, Paper Scissors - hours of fun

City Museum

5 stories of fun

The 5 story slide

One of the many rooms to play in

Kelly go to help with the clown show

Frozen custard!!

Learning to make pills

Science fun with nitrogen

Trying to build the arch

Moved down to the kiddie version and were able to build the arch

Watching cars drive under us

The cost to send these 3 to space

Seoul Taco

Life with my crew

The past month we had Granny come and help me out after I had surgery.  There were a lot of game nights, awesome dinners, adult conversation in the day and a clean house daily!! What there was not a lot of - pictures.

Bike ride with daddy

They made a chair swing

Chair swing in action

3-D golf.  Wanna see Granny have a hard time walking - lock in her a glow in the dark 3-D room

BUNCO with the ladies I have come to do life with her

Jon organized a Valentine's Day Quad Date Night

100th Day of school

Park Valentine Day Play Date