Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fall Fun - Farms and Weddings

This year we got to go to an amazing farm to and take part in some of my favorite fall activities!! Honeysuckle Hill Farm had a corn maze, hay maze, pumpkin picking, flying dog show, hayrides, animals to look at and touch, kettle corn, slides and so much more.  We went twice during the season to just hang out and enjoy being back in an area where they had these activities for us to enjoy!
We also got to go on a road trip to Arkansas to see our family friend's son get married.  

Sunset and my Aunt & Uncles while we were out visiting one day

Kelly and her cow Aggie

Molly in Charlie

The girls on the giant horse

Had to get a picture with the fun sign

The pumpkin ride 
Corn maze

Playing basketball before mom turned around and dad put them over the fence so they could slam dunk

Picking out their pumpkins

The giant slide

The girls favorite after school hangout

Hanging out with Tina

Purple cow!!! So awesome


Finding a fun park while adventuring 

Waiting for the wedding

Road Trip - girls car

Molly's tooth came out during the car ride - a little crazy but at least there were 2 extra adults in the car

Picnic lunch at the river

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