Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Molly's Baptism

Last month Molly gave her life to Jesus and asked to get baptized. 
One night after story time and prayers she looked up to Jon and said I would like to follow Jesus and also get baptized.  We talked with her about it for awhile and had her attend the baptism class at our chapel.  Since this was a big deal we told her she could invite whoever she wanted - knowing that people might not be able to come but we could at least ask.  All her grandparents got to come for this special day and everyone was excited to see them.  Everyone got to pick a grandparent for story time and no one had to share! That weekend we read books, played outside, went to the baptism and got to have a special lunch at her favorite restaurant!  Also we live near my Aunt and Uncle and she asked if they could come and they made the drive up to base that morning to be in our chapel service to be with family. 

Riley and NeNe

Kelly and Granny

Molly with PaPa and BertBurt

Jon got to baptize her

It was a pretty special moment for us all

Family picture with all the grandparents

Watching the Hibachi show

They loved this

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Mandy said...

incredible! Welcome to the family Molly