Thursday, August 4, 2016

Going to our new home with a stop in Hawaii!!

We had friends tell us about this hidden gem in the midst of a PCS move - circuitous travel!! The were able to make a stop in Hawaii for 5 days on our way to our new home from Okinawa.  It was amazing we were able to break jet lag up and have a few days where we forgot all the stresses of moving.  Our first day in Hawaii was Father's Day and the girls gift to Jon was sleeping in until after 10am (I had big plans to do a million things but since it was his day so I didn't drag everyone out of bed).  While we were in Hawaii we got to hike Diamond Head, hike to a waterfall, paddle board with sea turtles, visit with friends, go to a Luau and just relax as a family.

Road trip shirts!

Thankful for Grace who took us to the airport (along with all our stuff)

They love their masks

Roadtrip selfies
The top of Diamond Head

Walking around looking for food

Roadtrips - you wear whatever is clean even if it is a dress

Hiking to Mano Water Falls

Lots of Shave Ice to keep these girls hiking

Getting ready to paddle board!

They all started on the bed but did not all end up on the bed

Got all the way there and signs said dangerous no swimming - sad girls

So glad we got to meet up with friends who were stationed in Hawaii

Visited Pearl Harbor and USS Mississippi

Luau at the hotel

Learning to dance

Someone like the seaweed salad

Made all the married couples dance and the girls got a picture

We made it to TN!!

First meal in America!

First order of business: house, car and then travel to family!!

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