Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Grade

We have a first grader!!!!  This summer we spent a lot of time traveling and having fun and it was a hard transition for this momma to get back into the rhythm of a school schedule. For the meet the teacher I couldn't pull myself away from a beach day with friends until 20 minutes before the event.  We met the teacher and only smelled slightly salty.  After that we started the fun routine of walking to school every morning and walking to pick up each day.  We have a great teacher again this year and we are all starting to enjoy first grade. 
One last coffee date

Beach morning with friends

Meeting her teacher and classmates

She picked her own outfit out and even bought it on a shopping trip

Year round preschool keeps going

Year round preschool but still wanted to hold a sign

Love this kid - can't believe how grown up she is getting

Jon was able to have the morning off to walk her to the first day

I think daddy had a harder at drop off then she did

The squat - she is hillarious

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