Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Little bit of that and a little bit of this!!

So this is packed with a little of this and a little of that.
You will notice pictures of Jon that there seems to be a growth on his lip - its not a dead animal!  He is growing a mustache with some others in his unit. 
This month we have watched Jon baptize some kids in our unit, gone to a few retreats, played at the beach, and got Granny and BertBurt for a few weeks of fun.
Taking Jon to the beach with his beach bums.

Sunset Beach - great name for a great beach

Love that they play together

And they are learning to speak many languages.
The tourists love to talk to the girls and the big and little accommodate - the middle runs behind my leg.

Baptism Bash

So fun to see kids give their live to Jesus

Walking out to get baptized

Watching our neighbors perform at the high school jazz band and choir concert

Can we wear our Japanese outfits to daddy's retreat??

We are so funny!

The UMT treats the kids to candy

Oh the stache is getting bigger

50th day of school!

Molly performing with her classmates

They got to do an encore

Grandparents made it!!!!
Pineapple Park

Breakfast at the beach retreat

On a bike ride

Playing games

The jetovator

BertBurt is having a hard time with chopsticks.
The 2 fisted method works with big pieces of lettuce

Golf cart at the beach retreat

Olaf takes a long walk on the beach

Go carts!

Family race!

AWANA thankful Turkey

Shoes the girls asked Granny and BertBurt to get them

Granny and the girls getting our nails done.

A little nervous that the youngest wouldn't sit still but she was in awe

They will do the kids for 1/4 of the price - so its a special treat saved for when Granny& Nene's come

The toe shot

Riley got each foot with a different design.
Strawberries and Hamburgers!

Got him wrapped around my finger.

They are loving having grandparents around

Ok so all of us are enjoying it

Chopsticks strike again.

Getting ready for thanksgiving!!!
Invited a lot of friends should be fun.

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Mandy said...

Oh my goodness the pic of your Dad on the go-carts with Kelly and wrapped around Riley's finger are priceless!And pink poodle skirts, doesn't get much more fun! I love how Riley is catching Molly on height, it's similar around these parts :).