Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Ever Homework for the oldest

So Friday Molly brought home her first homework assignment.  The teacher in her email to the parents said that kids were screaming with excitement over getting to have homework. 
Lessons Learned:
1. Never give your kid a pen to do the first ever homework assignment.  There is no erasing pen! 
2. Just spell the words she says - there is a fine line in helping with homework and doing it.
3. NEVER LAUGH - just spell exactly the words the child wants and don't let her know your true emotions over things that she answers.
4. Give her space and time - I walked away while she was coloring it and she didn't stop for 40 minutes.
5. Remember the email from the teacher - "I am sending home an All About Me poster for homework on Friday. This is something you and your child may work on together. Please let them have creative control."
She loves coloring

Asked her to answer why she was a star -
Seriously her answer: People love me.
Well at least she doesn't have self esteem issues I guess.

Things about her .

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