Monday, May 5, 2014

Why I haven't posted

Ok so the past few weeks have been busy then my phone decided to get frozen.  It took a trip to the apple store where it was posted that they no longer service iPhones - WHAT???  The lady was kind enough to fix my phone.  This was after she told me I would need to call the new location and I just kept showing her my broken phone pantomiming I can't call anyone with this broken thing!!!!

What has happened in the past 2 months? 
Well my friends from high school visited and we had a blast touring the island together.  We even got to do a plane tour of the island and saw the entire thing in 2 hours.  I signed us up to take a sushi making class - we went with some friends and it was a blast.  Jennie and Jessica were smart and spent a few days in mainland Japan before coming to get over jet lag and see some more of Asia.  Then when they landed they got to tour with my 3 girls:)  It was a little different than when they visited in Alaska but it was so fun - I love have friends visiting!!!

We have had play dates, made Jon a birthday cake, celebrated Molly's performance at AWANA, been in charge of our units eggstravaganza, gone to a Sunrise service at the beach and watch a friend get baptized, had more play dates, played at the beach and well played some more.

Tonight we will celebrate Kelly's b-day! 

To my one adoring fan who has been begging for an update - there you go mom:)

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