Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Weekend - Jump Master Graduation and McP Girl Birthday Bash

This week we celebrated Jon graduating the Jump Master course and then had a big birthday bash for all the girls.  Jump Master took 3 weeks with lots of blisters for Jon and fun study sessions at night where I quizzed him on all things parachute.  Lets just say I am glad he passed and we won't have to go through that again.  We learned all about universal static lines and pull tabs and what seemed like 300 other elements that need to be inspected before you jump out of an airplane with your military parachute.  Jon has successfully pushed someone out of an airplane after inspecting him! 
Birthday Bash!!
For the girls birthday we had another triple party.  They chose to have a Doc McStuffins.  We made doctor kit bags for each kid and they had band aides, gloves, pencils, notepads, bubbles and tic-tac's.  The girls chose the material for the bags so some were purple with pink polka dots others blue with white polka dots and the last set was orange with yellow polka dots.  We had a bounce house at the beach and a pirate ship right up the hill so the kids had fun running around and playing for a few hours.  A friend made the birthday cake and it was amazing!!! She made us a Lambie cupcake cake.  Knowing that we would be out at the beach I only planned on one game - pin the band aide on Chilly.   I made a poster board with chilly and while I was upstairs getting ready the girls flipped it over and made their own.  They did a pretty good job so we just used their Chilly instead of mine.  After playing with our friends and having fun at the beach we headed up to our cabin on the beach.  The girls requested to stay in a hotel for their present and we taught the cabins would be fun.  Lets just say the girls really enjoyed them but as parents there are some things that can be a little unsettling - like a loft with just a ladder and super uncomfortable mattresses!
Molly thought Jon deserved man lipstick or a shiny hammer - we settled for a cookie cake

Dinner - all the food I learned to cook in Thailand

Making Chilly for our game

Setting up for the party

Testing out the bounce house before friends arrived

Fun times


Lunch with Friends!

I will stick with daddy!

The cake!!! So fun

Between the pirate ship and the bounce house the kids kept moving

Celebrating the life of 3 amazing girls

She loved bouncing on the stair part more than being in the bouncer


Lots of kids

Bubbles the best medicine

Successful game of pin the band aide on Chilly

Post party fun

Chillin at the cabin

Awesome mattress - glad we got to sleep upstairs??

Mommy Kelly is climbing

But alas none could get down without daddy rescuing them


The view from our cabin

a doctor kit with its added fun

no nap + tons of fun + sunset walk on beach= exhausted!!

Story time with the Ipad
Breakfast - crazy how big they are getting!

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