Saturday, April 21, 2012

Iron Chef

So I mentioned to a friend how I wanted to learn a few new dishes but I am a very hands on learner when it comes to cooking and everything I try on my own is usually bad. She took pity on me and offered to give me cooking lessons!! She is passionate about cooking and from all the pictures I had seen she eats very well (not the bag meals that Jon has gotten sick of - or my concoctions that look like throw up to me). We decided fish taco's would be a fun and easy way to kick off the classes and since I had some halibut from AK it would be even better! We had fish taco's with coleslaw, salsa, guacamole and chips. Riley and Molly loved the fish and were begging as she cooked for her to give her pieces as it came out of the pan. I should have taken a picture of the meal before we ate but with all the crying from 2 girls who really wanted to dig I forgot. But if you come over to my house you may get fish tacos now since I am the fish taco master after my lesson!!
Anyone have suggestions on what I should have her teach me next??

Cooking the halibut for the taco's - Riley and Molly are right under Sarah's feet hoping she will drop some for them:)

Riley grabbed an apron and brought it over to me. Sarah and I both had one on so I realized she wanted to be in on the apron action also. This is Riley in her apron but mad because I won't give her more fish I made her wait until it cooled down - what a bad mom I am:)

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